Thursday, 18 June 2009

Speech Pathology Report

On Wednesday, we had our individual appointment at The Spastic Centre with Violet's OT, Physio and Speech Pathologist.

As posted in one of my April posts, Violet had a speech assessment using the Reynell Developmental Language Scale and we finally got the results from this assessment.

Her language is doing very well, considering it was only a little while ago she started putting words together. Although her expressive language including sentence structure is still at a 2 year olds level. She also has difficulty identifying some objects and their names and at times has difficulty finding words to express herself.

She also noted that Violet's speech displays a mixed-resonance speech quality and after her assessment, the speech therapist examined her mouth to check her palate. As we already know Violet has massive tonsils and adenoids, but the speechie said she saw signs of a palatal abnormality, which she believes could be sub-mucosol cleft.

So now comes the task of getting this further investigated.


Laura said...

Best of luck with figuring this all out. It sounds like you really have a great speech therapist working with Violet, which is so important.

We have yet to determine the true cause of Cara's delays despite the length of time that she has been receiving speech therapy.

I hope that you get some answers! Keep us posted. *hugs*

Belinda said...

Good luck with your investigations! Thanks for link.

Alison said...

Sarah - sorry you have discovered something else that needs to be followed up. I hope you find some answers.