Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Paediatrician Appointment

Had Violet's review with her Paediatrician today since starting her seizure meds in November. She has since had break-thru seizures so let her read all about those episodes from her discharge summary.

She organised for Violet's Liver Function, Full Blood Count and Tegretol levels to be checked to see if all is okay with her levels since recently increasing her dose. She will have this done on Friday as we will be there all day for her eye moulding/EUA and skin biopsy, so just another thing to add to the list for the day.

She also has her MRI coming up in 2 weeks, so Paed said she would phone me with the results a few days after so we don't have to make another appointment just to find that out.

All being well, review in 1 year!


Kristen said...

You must feel like you live out of hospitals and doctors' offices. You probably live, think, and dream in medical jargon.

I am inspired by the way you keep plugging away at life.

You are in my prayers.

Alison said...

Wow - what a busy day for you guys. I hope everything goes well tomorrow.