Friday, 15 May 2009

Orthotist Appointment & Serial Casting

Today we went to see Violet's Orthotist to discuss her left AFO, as I am not really happy about her wearing one on her non-hemiplegia side now. Since February she has been complaining about her left AFO and I have tried ignoring it to an extent as I know she is at a difficult age for being cooperative with therapies etc. But, it is now May and she is still not tolerating it.

When she was measured by the Physical Disability Clinic October 08, her left leg measured 2.5cm shorter than her right and they did suggest an AFO or left inner shoe orthotic. The decision by the Orthotist at that time was to make AFO's for both legs. But to me I thought what about the leg discrepancy?

He said he would like to persist with both AFO's and he took the lining out of her NIKE shoes as they were stitched in and hope this makes a difference with her tolerating her left AFO.

With the difference in her leg lengths, he said he will organise a leg x-ray at the next Physical Disability Clinic Appt, so they can measure the difference accurately and organise a raised inner shoe for the left.

We then went to see Physiotherapist at the Physcial Disability Clinic. Since her Botox injections last month, she is still very tight in her leg and as a result I am still finding it super difficult to get her AFO on her right foot. Then once it is on, her foot pops out of her shoe!

So, the next step for treatment of this contracture is serial casting, which even though I knew it was coming, have always been hesitant to use it.

I was anticipating a screaming match, but she was a dream! She sat there while they were putting the cast on and she was saying "I love you lady, best in the world" and "Violet Special". The first comment is her fave thing to say to people these days including to shop assistants!

She had the choice of blue, purple or red for it and can you believe it...she chose blue! So we are aiming to keep it on for the recommended 5 days. It is a soft cast, so she can still walk in it which is great.

She will be re-assessed by Physio on Wednesday to see if she will need re-casting. She hasn't complained yet, touch wood! I bought her a Snow White Doll for bribery!

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Alison said...

I'm glad Violet did well with her casting. We were there the other week and A nearly screamed the hospital down!