Friday, 22 May 2009

MRI 22.5.09

Today Violet had her MRI under General Anesthetic and she was such a good girl! It never is easy to see her have a GA but she and I coped very well.

She also had to be intubated for the GA, so her throat is still very tender from having that done.

It was to investigate her Epilepsy and Vascular Malformations further. It also gave the opportunity to have a good look at how her Shunt is draining her excess CSF from her ventricles.

For those of you that may not know, Violet has Unilateral Hydrocephalus. So her left Ventricle is severely enlarged and even though she is viewed as Unilateral Hydro, her right ventricle has always been a little enlarged due to her having the hydro on the left.

Today the scans show some great results with her right ventricle, it's basically back to normal from what I can see of it. Her left is getting better slowly but still a long way to go yet. Her Neurosurgeon has always said her left ventricle will never completely get down to normal size, as it was so severe.

Here are a few of the scan images from her MRI at birth and also from today's MRI to compare:

... MRI from birth

...MRI @ 3.5 years old 

...MRI from birth

...MRI @ 3.5 years old 

...MRI @ 3.5 years old, a great scan showing her Shunt


Belinda said...

Glad you both coped well today! Scans are amazing aren't they!

Kristen said...

GA is never fun!! I'm glad you both made it through. And what a fun result to see the ventricle improving.

Korin said...

Wow you both did GREAT!! The scans are awesome what a difference from birth till now.

Erica said...

I've been reading your blog for a little while- since we found out about our unborn child having hydrocephalus among other things. Seeing your MRI's make me what to request to see the copies of the ones we have so far. Hugs to you dear sweet mama! I'm glad things are getting better- though slowly- with the hydro.

Shannon said...

well done to you both today!

Laura said...

Violet continues to be such of a trooper. Intubation sounds scary. I don't think Cara ever has been, thankfully, despite her few MRIs. I love cuddling with her as she "comes to", that's one of the sweet side-effects of a GA.

Zoe said...

WOW.... that is great progress with her ventricles! Thank you for sharing the scans with us!