Friday, 8 May 2009

Moulding #3 + more

Got up early with the intention of giving Violet breaky before 7am, but of course she didn't want to eat it that early. So, as she was fasting from 7am this meant by the end of the day she wouldn't have eaten since 5.30pm yesterday! Well, she did manage quite well and even refused water that she was allowed to have until 10am.

She did mention food a few times but I just told her she had to have some tests before she could eat...little did I mention ALOT of tests!

Our day the hospital started with seeing the Vascular Specialist to mark the lumps that he wanted surgically removed today for genetic testing. That was quite easy enough, although there were a few tears.

Next we went to Pathology to get her bloods taken for her Liver Function, Full Blood Count and Tegretol levels. This was of course followed with more tears but nothing that a wiggles bandaid and a teddy from the volunteers couldn't fix.

We then went to the Starlight Room to do some craft and then outside for a quick walk and play. After walking pass too many people consuming food and drink, I decided to go up early and book her in otherwise it would just make things harder for me and her.

After being admitted, we had of course the usual weight checks etc. Then the eye drops had to be put in to dilate her pupils for the examination part of her eye procedure. She screamed the place down and made all the other kids look at her and probably wonder what they might have in store for themselves. She had to have 3 lots of these eye drops over half hour period and with the tears she cried out "don't like tests anymore Mum"

Once we had talked to the Vascular Surgeon, Anesthetist and signed all the consent forms we went in for her GA.

She slept for half an hour after the procedures which was nice, as I didn't have screaming straight away! She did of course wake up and start screaming. She kept asking for her canula to be taken out, so the nurses did take it out sooner than they should have for her, much to Violet and my delight. Then consumed a mountain of food and drink and we were allowed to go home.

One positive thing about having your child have alot of GA's is that it's so much easier knowing what to do for your child after having one, so you can go home sooner. I even heard one of the nurses say "she knows what she's doing", nice to hear some positive feedback after all these years of caring for Violet.

Will be a few months if not longer before we get the results from the skin biopsy. For her Scleral Shell, she has appointment with her Ocularist on the 28th May for her fitting.


Alison said...

Violet is such a trooper! So brave in the face of all those unpleasant things - I'm glad it is all over for now.

Big brother, Little sister. said...

what a busy day. hope you can relax now on the w/e and enjoy your very special Sunday. thinking of you girls :)

Dianne said...

Wow. What a huge day!!!

Well done Violet for coping with it all so well!!

And yes, you totally deserve the praise. You're such a super mama!! I may have to tap into your wisdom in the future if BC needs the GA they're predicting (for his dental work).

I hope you're not waiting too long for the test results and they're all good.


suealeen said...

I wonder how they made it.. Violet is such a super girl!