Friday, 17 April 2009

Vision Australia Assessment

Today I took Violet to Vision Australia to have her assessed for services from them. I have to say everyone there were just lovely and very helpful.

She went quite well considering now she is 3.5 year old she is far less cooperative and most likely sick and tired of appointments in general.

She had 2 Orthoptists assess her right eye vision and it was good. So because of this they would be unable to give Violet a regular service. They have offered to help out when she starts preschool to come to the chosen preschool and assess her needs and help educate the staff/carers there about what she would need and also how to get the best use out of the vision she has in her right eye.

Even though she doesn't qualify for the regular services and I do find it annoying we don't seem to fit in anywhere. I am grateful she is not more severe but just wonder about parents that may not be as proactive as I am and how they would go about getting more help.

I am kind of relieved to know I am doing all the right things for her and that what I do at home would be just as useful in Violet's case.

So, I will continue her "vision therapy" myself. Seems I wasn't doing a bad job of it!

On the way out we visited their vision equipment shop and Violet just insisted on buying a tea towel they had for sale that was covered in Violets! The colours for Vision Australia are Purple and Green and so everything was very violety! Emily chose a badge/brooch with Vision Australia's logo on it.


Josephine said...

Well, that's great that her vision is so good in that eye...but it still seems strange that she doesn't qualify for help when she's only got vision in one eye...! Great that you've been doing everything she needs already though - isn't it nice when you have those "I'm a good mother!!" moments? And you really are :)

Laura said...

How very frustrating that has to be. As you know, Cara's vision isn't anywhere near as "bad" as Violet's and we qualified for services. I just find it hard to believe that because she has good vision in one eye, you don't qualify for anything. Does she have to be legally blind to fit their qualifications or what? As much as I gripe about our health system here, I guess in this one case, I'll be thankful!