Friday, 3 April 2009

Genetics, Vascular Specialist, Opthamologist & Ultrasound Appointments

Today we first met with Violet's Geneticist to discuss skin biopsy and she also decided she would organise for her liver, pancreas, spleen and gallbladder to be checked aswell as her kidneys and bladder today on her ultrasound. Her check initially was going to be for Wilms Tumor on her kidneys, but she thought she would take the opportunity to check some of her other organs too.

She also wanted another scan view of her abdominal wall as her belly protrudes so much and wanted to check for any tumors. We will find out the results next week.

She then sent us to the see Violet's Vascular Specialist and he made a decision on which lumps he wanted to take out for her skin biopsy. He has chosen the ones in her abdomen as these wouldn't show the scar from surgery as much as the others on her body. So he is hoping to get the surgeon to do the skin biopsy on the same day as Violet's moulding & EUA which is the 8th May, but he said he wouldn't be suprised if it has to be another GA, so we will wait and see.

Then we had some lunch and played on the playground outside hospital as we always do inbetween appointments.

We next met with her Opthamologist and he was quite happy with her right eye vision but will look at it more thoroughly at the eye moulding and EUA. He also gave me a letter for Vision Australia so we can get the ball rolling with them, our assessment with Vision Australia is on 17th April.

Next we went for Violet's ultrasound, which was not pleasant as she screams the whole time. She just has never got used to all these procedures, even after 3.5 year of it! But managed to get what they needed which is the most important thing.


Ally said...

Violet is such a brave little princess, Sarah.

I have my fingers crossed for good results from all the appointments.

Alison said...

What a huge day for her (and you). I hope you get good results from all the scans and that they can do all the procedures under the one GA.

Juh said...


I do really liked your blog!
Your princess is beautifull


Carla said...

What a brave girl! Praying for good results!