Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Botox and Physical Disability Clinic Appointments

...waiting for her Physical Disability Clinic Appointment (She didn't climb up there by the way!)

...in the playground waiting for Botox Clinic

Well another long long day at Westmead Kids...but Violet did so well. She had her assessment in the Physical Disability Clinic first and they decided on what muscles groups they wanted to inject for Botox. After that appointment they gave Violet a Chocolate Easter Bunny...which was very frustrating as she was fasting.

But I told her she would have to wait and she was such a good girl and held it all day long. Not bad considering she had fasted from 8am and her injections didn't happen until 3pm.

They had to sedate her with some Midazolam before she had her Nitrous Oxide like last time. But, she coped okay with her injections, cried throughout as per usual but totally forgot about it after with a bite of her chocolate bunny and a drink.


Carla said...

I am amazed by her patience! What a good girl!would not be able to hold off eating chocolate

Laura said...

Violet continues to amaze me as she puts up with all of these treatments and everything. She's so strong and brave. Without a doubt, she gets that from her mom. :)