Friday, 27 March 2009

Second Skin Review

Yesterday Violet had a review on her Second Skin arm and hand splints.

All is still going well with them, although Violet is now being a typical 3 year old in her attitude of whinging when she has them on.

She says they hurt her but I have had a good look and any marks that are on her arm or hand after taking them off quickly disappear, so the OT said as they are quick to disappear there is no need for alterations and it is definitely an age appropriate attitude towards wearing them. You would think she would be used to them by now, she has been wearing them since 4 months old.

She is putting a quote together to get new splints and then organise more funding for them in the coming months.

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Dianne said...

We are a big fan of Second Skin. It's great that Violet got one so early!

BC is getting a new Second Skin upsuit next month. He outgrew his other one about 3 months ago. I will be very curious to see what sort of 'age appropriate' response we get to the new one....

Maybe if Violet chooses a special new design, she might like wearing it more. (Little girls will always be little girls ;-). I hope so!