Friday, 27 March 2009


Today we had the RIDBC (Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children) come for a home visit to re-assess Violet for possible services from them.

One of the ladies who came was the same lady who saw Violet as a baby and could not believe how much she had grown.

After the Orthoptist reviewed her, she unfortunately still does not qualify for their services. Even though her left eye is blind, they said her right eye is 6/12 and so she does not qualify...not even able to access their toy library!

It is quite frustrating as she is blind in 1 eye but to them they don't seem to view it as visually impaired, when it is!

She did tell me Violet may be able to get some assistance from the Guide Dogs Association as they cover a broader range of conditions. So she is putting in a referral to them so hopefully will hear back soon if they can help out. She said they would be really helpful with orientation and mobility strategies for Violet.


Shannon said...

How frustrating Sarah. Fingers crossed you get some joy from the Guide Dogs Assoc. xx

Dianne said...


I don't really get why she isn't eligible either. That's crappy.

Maybe they have really limited funding???

Whatever the case, I hope you're able to source more of what you need for your gorgeous girl.

She deserves the best.

Josephine said...

That seems quite crazy to can they say that she is not visually impaired when she is blind in one eye??

Laura said...

Wow! That's so messed up! I'm sorry. Here, with the Anchor Center, Cara qualifies because of the shifting in her eyes and because of her farsightedness. Violet would qualify for sure! How very frustrating as I'm sure she'd benefit from their services and resources. :(

Carla said...

I can't believ that they don't "see" as visually impaired. It does not make sense. I hope the guide dogs are of more help. I would think it would be quite fun to have a guide dog!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

yet another who thinks those criteria to being "blind/visually impaired enough" are crazy.
Hope someone can help soon.

Alison said...

Sorry you aren't eligible for services through RIDBC - I hope the Guide Dogs can help. I think you have to be legally blind to get services at RIDBC...or at least have a visual acuity outside of the normal range. So, even though Violet does have a visual impairment, if her vision is within the normal range they can't take her. Guide dogs might be better anyway because they are all about mobility and access which is more what Violet needs. I hope you get some assistance soon.

Sarah said...

To me being blind in even 1 eye is a vision impairment. What do us parents of kids with Monocular vision do...hopefully not be forgotten!