Saturday, 28 March 2009


Big brother, Little sister. said...

Looks like Violet loves her model shoot! I am keen to take some pics of her when we meet one day too! and naturally of the beautiful EMily too :)

Korin said...

Hey Sarah..everytime i try to email you...i keep getting an error that the email address is too long. But..I have a guestion -Do you let Violet play in sand with her shell in? What about glitter? I'm so freakishly paranoid about letting Isabella even wear shirts that have some glitter on know glitter gets everywhere face im so worried about her rubbing it into her eye. Spring is finally here in NY & im SO SCARED to let Isabella play in sand with her shell in. Am I being over cautious? What do you do? Isabella refuses to wear glasses at this point.
Thanks for your input!!

Sarah said...

Korin, I really hope you check back here as I have lost your email address. I changed internet providers a couple of months ago and lost some emails :-( so if you can let me know by emailing me again on my new email which is

I am very anxious about Violet with glitter and sand too. Glitter is a definate no for me personally as when it does get everywhere it is too hard to get out and off! I am the same with glitter shirts, hats, cards too.

Sand is a little harder as it is something Violet loves as most kids do! So, for xmas we did buy her a small sandpit and she does go in there with her shell in but I have to stay with her to make sure she doesn't rub her eyes without thinking as her hands are normally covered in sand. I also, give her verbal reminders about being aware, as she does not think sometimes about things andhas at 1 time tried to pour a shovel of sand over her head!

Hope you are all well and Isabella is doing well. You will have to email me some recent photos of her.

Family said...

Violet is a beautiful girl!! My daughters middle name is Violet. I am gleaming what I can from your blog and I thank you for sharing. It is reassuring to meet other and read blogs of moms and pops whom have children with challenges as well. Thanks, My wife and I will be reading and learning and praying for you and Violet!!

Ally said...

Gosh she's beautiful Sarah.

Isla was talking about Violet today, asking if she'll come to her next birthday party!