Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Neurosurgeon Appointment

Had Violet's Neurosurgeon Appointment today. Even though he was on leave in November when Violet was last admitted, he of course knew all about it. He said he feels confident after seeing her Shunt Series X-ray and CT scan in November that her shunt is still working properly. He talked me through these recent scans and on her x-ray got to see for first time how much shunt tubing she has in her abdomen, more than plenty in there for further growth!

He also told me more about her Pineal Cyst and said it could grow up to 2cm and unless it grew beyond that and started pressing against areas around it in the brain it shouldn't be an issue. He said hopefully it won't grow to that point. Some don't grow at all but the fact hers already has still worries me...here's hoping it won't!

Violet has to have another MRI in the next few months too, this time it is mainly due to her seizures and vascular malformations. I was glad to hear that her shunt does not have a magnetic valve like some do, so it will not resetting after the MRI.

He said unless anything comes up inbetween...which we sure hope it doesn't...we can see him in 1 year! The longest break between appointments with him.


suealeen said...

Hope that Violet will be fine and healthy and hope that the same thing will happen to us too.


Josephine said...

How do they adjust her shunt if not with magnets? I suppose I don't know much about other shunts since Avery's is a magnetic one, and does reset after MRIs.
I do hope that Violet's cyst doesn't grow any more - at least now they know to keep an eye on that specifically, so even if it does, they'll be able to catch it soon enough.

Hippomandak said...

Hey there, just added your blog to follow coz I too have 2 hydro baby. Let's be friends and be united. Congratulation baby Violet.

Hippomandak said...

Hey there, had just added your blog to follow coz I too have 2 hydro girls. Let's be friends and united thru this disease together.

Congratulation on your annivery Violet.

Sarah said...

Josephine, Not all...but alot of shunt valves have pre-set flow settings from the manufacturer and these can range from low/med-high. Violet has a Med-High flow valve.

Her Neuro said that he feels confident in using the correct flow valve according to each patient's needs and then they don't have to keep being adjusted.

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of Violet on the Jan. 16th posting. She is such a doll. Glad she is doing well, always nice to read that things are going well for her.
Jennifer in Ft. Myers, FL

Carla said...

Hello, Thank you for your comment & I don't mind the link at all. I'll add yours to mine as well. Congradulations on Violet's 3 yr. anniversary!