Friday, 9 January 2009

Discharge Summary

We recently received Violet’s discharge summary from her hospital admission in November for seizures, they also included a copy of her CT report and her EEG.

In her CT report, it was noted again about her Pineal Cyst that I have mentioned before in MRI Report 24.8.05 post as it was first found in her MRI @ birth. They don’t normally measure it every scan but this time it was and noted it has grown, it was originally 4mm and now measures 9mm.

So we are a little anxious about what all this may mean. When I have read about these cysts, they are normally not operated on unless they are symptomatic or unless they get bigger, so our question at the moment is how much bigger before intervention and/or damage? Plus if it has grown in the past 3 years, surely more growth could happen.

I have a Neurosurgeon appointment on 20th January, so I am hoping to get some answers.

On the discharge summary it also named of the area of brain that Violet’s Complex Partial Seizures have been arising from, the Occipital Lobe. So her seizures are Complex Partial Occipital Seizures, which affect the eyes during a seizure. This is why her eyes deviate to the right during her seizures among other seizure signs. Unfortunately damage to this lobe can cause vision problems.


suealeen said...

i hope and pray that God will bless your Violet. i can feel your anxiety. be strong for her, ok!

update us! xo

Shannon said...

Thinking of you Sarah. Hope you get some answers soon.

Korin said...

Sometimes...I just want to knock down these doctors doors and get sure you do to! Violet is "always" in my prayers. Take a deep breath and be strong.