Thursday, 11 December 2008

Sleep Study Results

Well Sleep Specialist called me today to let me know that even though he was adamant she would have it, she has NO sleep apnoea! So that is great to hear.

That being said he did make note of her not breathing well through her nose as her adenoids are so big. He also noticed from the video of her from that night she has confused partial arousal disorder where she looks like she is awake but she isn't and she is confused, disorientated and crying, which is something I had told him at our initial consult she does at home but he said it was good for him to see it on the video.

So the plan is now to see an ENT surgeon to look at organising for her to still have her tonsils and adenoids out as they are both very obstructive. So have appt to see ENT on 11th February. Then if they do want to go ahead with removing them they will prioritise her most likely still need to join some kind of waiting list.

We will also have a review with the sleep specialist in 6 months as her situation may change and he said she may end up having some sleep apnoea.

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