Thursday, 20 November 2008

Ocularist & Sleep Specialist Appointments

Busy day today...first we had to drop off Violet's Scleral Shell to her Ocularist this morning for another buildup, so we pick that up again on Monday.

Then as most our appointments seem to work out...rarely at convenient times...came back home from there and had to go back again this afternoon for Violet's Sleep Specialist Appointment.

The Specialist had not had a chance to look at Violet's Lateral Airways X-ray and hospital computer system would not allow him to login while we were there, so he will check them later.

After examining Violet's tonsils, he said wow they are massive. She had 80% obstruction and this is while she is well! So he said when she gets sick they would swell to 90%. He said a child of her age with enlarged tonsils would normally have 40% obstruction. So he has recommended her to have an urgent sleep study to see if she is having any sleep apnoea, which given the size of her tonsils alone (without seeing her adenoids aswell) he believes it is highly likely she is having sleep apnoea. She has been waking with headaches in the mornings and also wakes numerous times during then night which are symptoms of sleep apnoea and all this time I thought the headaches may have been shunt related.

Plus as Violet vomits from having tonsillitis/throat infections/ and that brings on her seizures is another reason to look into this more thoroughly.

So with priority sleep study it will be between 4-6 weeks.

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