Monday, 24 November 2008

My first trip in an Ambulance...

On Saturday afternoon we went to pick up Emily from her dance concert rehearsal and Violet vomited and had a small seizure, she seemed not too bad after and then we came home and I only gave her some toast for dinner, gave her a bath and put her to bed. Then at 8.30pm she woke and vomited again, but this time no seizures, so put her back to bed and she woke at 11.30pm vomiting, her seizures started again with her eyes deviating to the right and her shaking was much worse this episode. Her eyes did this for 90 minutes with seizures coming in waves.

We decided at 12.50am to call an ambulance, by the time they arrived at 1am she was vomiting continuously, they gave her Oxygen straight away and took her to hospital. She had another seizure in the ambulance so they administered Midazolam and with lights and sirens we were then speeding thru the streets.

She was taken straight into the resuss of emergency dept and stripped naked and 5 people started assessing her, also took her bloods and urine. She was stabilised and monitored until transport could be arranged to the Children's Hospital @ Westmead. Her bloods and urine came back fine.

Once we were admitted to Westmead she vomited again but no seizure this time. They rang her Neurosurgeon and Neurologist to let them know what was going on and they ordered a Shunt Series X-ray and CT Scan. Her x-ray came back fine, showing no disconnection of shunt and CT scan was same as her last CT a year ago. So all seemed well with the shunt.

By last night she was feeling alot better and they ordered an EEG to be done first thing this morning and this showed lots of slowing on her left side of her brain. So, her Neurologist confirmed they are still Complex Partial Seizures and decided she needs to be medicated for them daily now. So she starts Tegretol tomorrow. We have a blood test in 6 weeks to check the Tegretol levels, Liver Function and Blood Count.

Violet being a very good girl this time for her EEG


Laura said...

OMGosh, what an ordeal you two went through! That must've been so terribly frightening. I'm so glad that Violet is okay now and that hopefully, her seizures will be under control with medication. Give her a big hug from Cara & I. What a brave little girl you have.

Shannon said...

Oh Sarah, how scary for you all. I'm thinking of you.


Josephine said...

Oh poor girl :( What a scary experience. I hope she continues to feel better, and that the seizures stop. She's such a sweetie

Dianne said...

Oh Sarah,
What a scary experience for you both. I am glad the meds are doing the trick and I hope you don't have to go through a weekend like that again.