Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Paediatrician Appointment

Had Violet's Paediatrician Appointment today and she has referred her to Sleep Specialist on 20th November to arrange a sleep study to see if Violet is experiencing Sleep Apnea.

Violet has very enlarged tonsils at the best of times and she has had alot of throat infections and tonsillitis. She snores very loudly and she also has been waking with headaches for while now too. Plus the fact everytime Violet has had tonsillitis or gets a cold her tonsils swell more and this not only reduces her airway but makes her vomit and vomiting sets off her seizures, so she thinks Violet may need a Tonsillectomy and if her adenoids are also causing problems she will end up having a Adenoidectomy aswell.

She has also organised for her to have a lateral airways x-ray on 30th October.


Shannon said...

Ah geez - hard to catch a break sometimes isn't it?

Fingers crossed for healthy days ahead...

Laura said...

They wanted to do a sleep study on Cara too, when we mentioned how loudly she snored. Thankfully, here ENT decided not too because, thanks to our horrible health insurance, it would've cost us thousands. He instead removed Cara's adenoids and inserted the ear tubes. She's been doing so much better every since! Cara has enlarged tonsils too, but we're waiting to see if she'll grow into them as they aren't causing her any problems as of yet.