Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Dentist Appointment

Violet had her dental review today. Besides the 1 milk tooth she is missing altogether, she now has all her other milk teeth and none of them showing any decay!

As noted at her last dental appointment, her left hand side teeth are still much higher than the right hand side. Which they believe is all to do with the fact Violet's left hand side of her body, face etc has the growth problem and is asymmetrical, so too are her teeth. The dentist explained this could get worse as she gets older and if that is the case they will look at Violet having some jaw surgery to correct it, this would not happen until around 8 years old

She has also been sensitive on her right hand side when I brush her teeth and (as I thought) they think it is a sensory issue she gets on that side of her mouth.

They will review her in 1 year.

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