Monday, 27 October 2008

Botox & Physical Disability Clinic Appointments

As we have been away for the past week I haven't had a chance to post our follow-up Botox appointment from 17th October.

I rang to let them know how she was going with her Botox treatment. I have noticed change mostly in her arm at this stage, especially when I am dressing her. I really can't see much improvement in her leg yet, but she will see her Physio and OT on Wednesday so will get them both to have a look. More intensive Physio/OT starting as we are now at the 3 week mark from her having the injections.

NO side effects from the Botox which was my main concern!

Her hip x-ray came back fine.

Re-booked for more Botox in 6 months.

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Josephine said...

Yep...that's the great thing about botox - no side effects....we've stopped doing valium because of the side effects and we're thinking about doing botox again instead. I'm glad you're seeing a difference already