Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Botox & Physical Disability Clinic Appointments

Had Violet's Botox appointment today. Was another verrry long day...

We first had our appointment with Physical Disability Clinic and they have decided Violet DOES need an AFO. She is walking on her toes constantly and this is obviously why she is still so unstable walking and trips so much, so we have appointment to see Orthotist again on 13th November to organise casting for the AFO. They also measured her legs and her left leg is 2.5cm less than her right due to her asymmetry of her body, which is bizarre cos normally it's the CP side that would be shorter so they will also organise a shoe insert to correct the difference.

They also decided to leave Violet's fingers/thumb just for this round of Botox. She is still very tight in her fingers and thumb but this time instead they decided on her elbow, arm and for the first time in her calf . Once I get my report from this appointment I will re-post the technical names for her muscles she had injected.

We then went to have her hip x-ray and went back up to Botox Clinic where they then prepared her for the injections. Last time she had her Botox she screamed the whole time while on the nitrous so they gave her some Midazolam to calm her first this time, although she still did scream the whole time but she certainly didn't move as much.

Follow-up on how her Botox is going 17th October and will get hip x-ray results then aswell.


Laura said...

At risk of sounding stupid, what is an AFO?
Sounds like you had a very busy day indeed, but also productive. I hope that Violet continues to have positive results with the Botox as she has in the past--sorry that it's such of a horrible experience for her.

Sarah said...

AFO is Ankle Foot Orthosis.

Mel said...

Sarah and Dave your amazing so sorry your little girl has to go through so much it must be heartbreaking for you, still be strong for her and I hope that in time things get easier for little Violet. Mel

Josephine said...

We've only done the botox thing once so far...and it is not fun, so not fun day for you I'm sure! But I'm sure it helps a lot! Avery has AFOs - at first she hated them, but now she even asks to put them on when we leave the house!