Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Second Skin Appointment

Today Violet was fitted with her new Second Skin Arm and Hand Splints. Once again Second Skin have done a fantastic job.

We have used various other hand splints that were supplied by Hospital Rehab and other organisations but the new hand splint from Second Skin is so much better. Looking forward to the results.

This time round she chose a pony for her splint picture.

Violet's OT will monitor her splints as usual, Second Skin will do their review early 09.


Laura said...

Wow, that is really something! I love that Violet picked out a horse, I probably would've done the same. :) Hope it does its job for her.

Nancy Brown said...

I was blog browsing and ran across your blog. My son has Hydrocephalus along with a eye condition called ROP. I am looking forward to returning


Josephine said...

I like that whoever designed these things realised that children would want it to look cute too :) Avery's leg braces have pink straps and hearts - I should get a picture of those too :)