Tuesday, 5 August 2008

MRI Report 24.8.05

Well after nearly 3 years we finally got our hands on a copy of Violet's initial MRI report from when she was born. You guessed it we found out some things which we were never told, perhaps they are not important and can be easily lived with but it still would have been nice to know earlier.

The report is very detailed and of course all mostly medical terminology you would need a degree for to make sense of it, but the main areas we have learnt about are:

*Numerous Haemorrhages were noted all throughout her brain

*Pineal Cyst 4mm - These are normally a benign cyst and as they are in a difficult area (near the base of the brain) makes removal very hard. Usually are asymptomatic unless they get bigger.

*Thinned Corpus Callosum

*Both her globes Haemorrhaged, which we initially thought only her blind eye did

*Thinned Cortical Mantle and White Matter


Just Another Ordinary Miracle said...

It sounds like everything is in order. I am glad that none of the 'new' information is problematic now. Ivey has a thinned corpus coloseum and thinned white matter and a couple of other little quirks. Violet is a beautiful girl.

Sarah said...

Even though the cyst is benign, it still worries us...any cyst in the brain is not a good thing!

Dianne said...

What a good idea to do this kind of follow up. What inspired you to track down the MRI? I've never thought to 'review' ours, but now I am considering it. It would be interesting to look at.
I understand your concern about the cyst but at least you are aware of it now. xo
Thanks for sharing,
Dianne (from EB)

Sarah said...

We only decided to after not being told about a detached retina that was in the same MRI, so I thought to myself...what else don't we know!