Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Midazolam Trial Dose

...waiting patiently to have the trial.

Today Violet was admitted to hospital to trial her seizure med Midazolam under medical supervision. As in my previous post..we have been a little anxious about the fact it can cause respiratory suppression.

She was given it intranasal. She didn't like this one bit as it stings but soon got over that with a cuddle from mum. They then hooked her up to the monitor for 2 hours and besides being very groggy/sleepy, hiccups and little agitated, she was fine. So we were discharged after the 2 hours.

Feel very relieved now to know that she will handle the med fine.

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Laura said...

What a relief to know that Violet responded well to the medicine! Now, you can use it, if needed, without fear. How great!