Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Heavenly side of a Hemi!

...showing off in her new sunnies, she actually keeps these ones on!

Today will definitely go down as a memorable moment for us...

For those of you who may not know Violet well, as a result of her brain conditions, she also has Hemiplegia Cerebral Palsy.

All this time we have tried over and over to get her to realise she has a right side she can use, which since her involvement in the CIMT Study at the hospital this year she has made some small changes.

Up until now she has always in true hemi style dominated with her best side (her left) and neglected the right. We have tried all sorts of different avenues to help make her more aware.

Well today...we had only just arrived at her weekly Physio/OT/Speech group at The Spastic Centre.

Violet brought along her tiny toy kangaroo and was showing the Speech Therapist, she handed it to her to have a closer look. Well we were about to begin her therapy session and the Therapist (who was sitting on her right hemi side, and we have tryed that approach a million times) said "Violet here you can have your kangaroo back now". Violet then reached out with a bit of effort with her right hand and took it off her!

I could not believe my eyes and it was one of the best moments to see her use her Hemi Hand to do a task that she has never been able to do after 3 years of therapy!

It may be a while before we see that again but an excellent start to hopefully bringing it into more use in the future!


Karen said...

Belated Happy 3rd Birthday to Lovely Violet. Love the shades. What excitement using her right hand. Go Violet!

Laura said...

Wow, that's great news! Looks like all of that hard work is starting to pay off. :) Way to go Violet!