Saturday, 30 August 2008

Did I happen to mention?

The wonderful sister Violet has...

When I was pregnant with Violet, Emily was like any other sister would be full of excitement and anticipation meeting the new baby.

But of course when Violet was finally born, Emily was 4 ½ and thought we would be bringing her new baby sister home a few days after being born. Well besides the fact that we were all shocked learning this would not be the case. I think people often forget Emily in this journey with Violet.

Although it still is hard to this day...some of the hardest moments were those initial few weeks in hospital when Violet was born - not only for the medical conditions we were beginning to learn about but also for Emily who had spent the last 4 ½ years with me all to herself. She wanted to know why her mummy was not coming home. Everyday and night she visited she would cry when it was time to go home and we would have to detach her from my clothing and drag her away, which was very emotional on top of what we had to deal with.

From the early months of Violet's life, Emily knew she had to be gentle and even more so with her than a healthy newborn. At times she has no doubt been frustrated by the fact that Violet can not do the "normal" things that other siblings can do at certain stages/ages.

Now 3 years on I look back and reflect just how much Violet is lucky to have Emily as her sister. I think she has learnt to deal with her new life in a very special way and way beyond her years.

The past 2 years of this journey, Emily has suprised me. She constantly thinks of ways to help Violet learn - like how to use her hemiplegia side more and makes up different activities & ideas to do so. Things that I would not have thought about and I like to think I am at least a little proactive!

She sits in her bedroom with Violet and plays "teachers" even though Violet sometimes isn't able to do everything, Emily tries teaching her the Alphabet, counting 1-10, reads to her etc and this is a daily event.

Considering Violet's speech should be alot worse than what it is from the damage to her brain...I can now be happy that Emily also talks the leg of a chair, which I really do think has helped Violet with her speech side of things more so than any speech therapist could ever achieve.

We are really thankful for having Emily in our lives and could not imagine a more perfect sister for Violet to have and look up to.


Shannon said...

Awww that's so lovely. What a team you have there. :)

Michelle said...

OMG Sarah, I am in tears after reading your new post on Violet's blog. What you wrote about Emily, she sounds like such a beautiful girl. I love the photo you have of her, it's beautiful Violet is so lucky to have Emily as her sister and you as her mother, she can only do great things with such a great family.

Yay for Violet. What a little champion We take things for granted with our little ones. I can't begin to imagine what challenges you must go through everyday. You have yourself not only one, but two special girls there. They must be a reflexion of you Sarah.

I feel so lucky to have you as a friend, I really mean that. I hope that one day we will get to meet eachother and the kids can have a play. You are a true inspiration to me Sarah.

Michelle xxxx