Monday, 14 July 2008

Neurologist Appointment

Went to see Violet's Neurologist today. Showed him video I had taken of Violet from her most recent seizure.

After a lengthy discussion on how we feel about putting her on daily medication, he has decided to wait for her next seizure and then he would like to start her on a twice daily seizure medication. The one he has in mind at this stage is Tegretol.

Even though Violet has already been prescribed Midazolam and we have been shown how to administer it if her seizures are prolonged the side affects one of which is breathing problems...worry us so much that we didn't want to use it for her recent seizure (which was prolonged). So he is organising for Violet to go to hospital to trial the medication under supervision and then we can at least know how she may be affected by it. He will be letting us know shortly what the date of the trial will be.

He will then review her in 6 months unless any other problems arise.


Shannon said...

Interesting times ahead, hey? Fingers crossed the trial is a success. xx

Andy said...

I sympathize with your worries about the medication. We went through the same thing last year with my niece Maria. We are using Trileptal and Depakane; I don't know anything about Tegretol.

The side effects are usually very rare. Our biggest concern was the Trileptal. It has the nasty habit of destroying (not damaging - destroying) the liver and we worried even though it is something like a one in two million chance and even less likely in kids over a year old.

After getting her seizures under control, she was a different person - in a good way! Her development has improved, she engages people more easily, and is overall a happier girl.

I hate to say it, but we love our drugs now. Though we loathe the necessity, we are thrilled at how much they have helped.