Friday, 11 April 2008

Opthamologist Appointment

Opthamologist appointment went usual a verrry looong wait in the eye clinic!

Did find out something that they hadn't told us about her Microphthalmic eye. It also has retinal detachment.

They knew all along from her Eye Ultrasound and MRI back from when she was only 1 week old. I just happened to ask today if there were any other probs with her micro eye besides being micro, PHPV and Cataract and they mentioned that she had this too.

I have never got reports from scans etc, usually have to request. Now I think I might as things are not always mentioned.

I know it will probably not affect the management of her eye and she has no vision in it anyway, but it's just nice to know all the information.

Next time she has another procedure under General Anaesthetic even if in another clinic, he would like to have a thorough examination of her eyes again. If not, he will do this at her next eye moulding.

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Ivey's Story said...

She is growing up so fast. It is good to know all the other minute issues, but even better that they will not affect her. Hope you have to wait a while before there are more exams, etc. It's never ending and I love when Ivey can just be a little girl - no appointments or probing.