Wednesday, 2 April 2008

More Tonsil Woes...

The last 4 days Violet has not been herself. Her walking especially has been really bad. Walking to one side, crab like and she has been tighter in her right foot and leg (hemi side).

Today she started vomiting and saying she was choking. Took her to the Doctor and he first wanted to rule out any shunt malfunction. Checked her other neurological signs, which were all fine besides her gait.

He examined the rest of her and discovered she has very Ulcerated Tonsils and Windpipe. So she is back on antbiotics again, it has only been almost 2 months since she had Tonsillitis!

So we are assuming as she has not been feeling herself it may be affecting the way she is walking. If her walking doesn't improve in the next week, will take her to see her Physio.

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Laura said...

Poor kiddo! It has been one thing after another this season, hasn't it? I hope that the antibotics clear things up in no time. Keep us posted. Cara has also had more than her share of colds this year. Lots of nasty stuff going around, for sure.