Saturday, 9 February 2008

Vomiting Again!

On Thursday Violet started vomiting, she had 8 vomiting episodes during the day. By that afternoon she was starting to seem better and then vomiting resumed at bath time.

She was shaking her head and all four limbs and her eyes were deviating to the right. She was very unresponsive during this time and could not stand up at all, became like a rag doll and her heart was racing. Checked her temperature and it was normal as it had been all day.

We decided to take her to hospital and get her checked out. They rushed her straight thru assuming that it was a shunt blockage. Her heart rate was extremely high(Tachycardic)and her Saturation was very low.

Took bloods and urine. They found she did have an elevated White Blood Cell Count. Her sodium that got extemely low last year when she had these symptoms was completely normal this time. To see previous post from last hospital admission, click here: Influenza Type A

Neurosurgical Team came to see her and thought that as her White Blood Cell Count was elevated it was most likely going to be a virus and not shunt related. They would review her again in the morning.

On further examination, doctor did notice she had quite red and enlarged tonsils.

They put Canula in and started her on IV Fluids and Penicillion. We were moved from emergency to a ward by 1am.

From the time we arrived at hospital she continued vomiting until 2.30am.

Neurosurgical Team came to check on her Friday morning and were happy to see she was looking much more alert and saw no reason to start Scans or Shunt Series Study.

By Friday afternoon she was feeling alot better. We were discharged later that night and she is on antibiotics. Hospital doing cultures on her bloods and urine and will let us know if anything comes of it.


Laura said...

Oh, thank heavens that she's okay! I saw your status on Facebook, so I figured I'd better go to your blog and see what was going on. This is going to sound bad, but I'm glad that it was just a viral type thing. We have to count our blessings when it's just the normal stuff, don't we, even though, we automatically assume "shunt failure". So glad she's feeling better, regardless. Violet is so lucky to have such of an attentive mom!

LeilaniS said...


I am thinking of you and Violet. Again, thankyou for sharing your story with the world. Loking forward to hearing about Violet's continued speedy recovery!

XO, Leilani

Al said...

What a scary time for you guys! So glad to hear Violet is okay!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Violet, it would not have been nice for you or her, i hope she is feeling alot better now.

When do you find out about the culture results???

Luv Hayley

Shannon said...

I'm really sorry Violet had such a scary time but very glad to hear she has pulled through quickly.

Fingers crossed the rest of the year is uneventful!