Thursday, 6 December 2007

Ocularist Appointment

Picked Violet's Shell from Ocularist today. We will see him again in February for more to be added to the shell.

I think it looks great!


Karen said...

Violet looks fabulous. The shell looks great. It's amazing what a good ocularist can do. We just dropped off Henry's shell for some tweaking this morning.

Congrats on getting Violet into the study. It feels good to know you are helping collect important data that will help Violet and other children.

Take care!

Ivey's Story said...

Violet's eye looks great! Doesn't it just make you smile. Ivey will go back in Jan for a little shaping. She will have a surgery to open her left eye more before then. Hopefully, she will be through with that for a while.
She looks beautiful.