Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Neurosurgeon Appointment

Follow-up review with Neurosurgeon today from Violet's last hospital stay at end of July.

He said there did seem to be a bit of a pattern with Violet's vomiting over the past 3 months and he would like her to have another CT Scan in the next few weeks to see how her ventricles are looking and make sure this is not the start of a partial blockage to her shunt.

I also asked him if it was possible for shunted children to get vomiting and be more unwell with a common cold etc compared to healthy non-shunted person. He said it's not scientifcally proven, but he does see alot of shunted children that do get extremely sick from basic illnesses. Although, they are still normally admitted to hospital anyway to rule out shunt problems first.

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ivey elizabeth said...

Good to hear some good news. Maybe the vomiting will work its self out soon. I think we all live in the world of 'who knows'. I have come to believe that not knowing definate answers is sometimes better than knowing exact answers = it always leaves room (even if only a tiny bit) for optimism.