Friday, 21 September 2007

Neurologist Appointment

We finally had our appointment with Neurologist today. It was very interesting.

From Violet's hospital admission in July, our suspicions have been confirmed, she did have a seizure.

He mentioned that an area of Violet's brain has been formed abnormally, making her much more susceptible to seizures. He unfortunately said she will no doubt have more. As much as it's nice to know this now before it happens again, I don't think it would be something I could ever prepare myself for.

Although, he is unsure if this episode was brought on by her brain condition or the fact she had very low sodium levels with her Influenza A at the time.


Laura said...

That certainly is mixed news. While it's good to know what don't really want to know that your baby had a seizure. I'm sending lots of *hugs* your way!

ivey elizabeth said...

You know that Ivey deals with seizures too. It is scary to be the momma just watching unable to do anything! Ivey is on two seizure meds now and has a medication that we can give rectally if necessary. Ivey's seizures are long, so far they range from 45 minutes to 15 minutes. Too long - most only last atmost 5 minutes.
If you want to talk about it, or have any questions, I am here too. We can do it together!