Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Botox & Physical Disability Clinic Appointments

Today we had appointment with Physical Disability Clinic in the morning and Botox clinic in the afternoon.

It has been another long day....Violet was nil by mouth from 7am, she didn't end up having her injections until 3.10pm! As usual she didn't complain at all, so that helped.

They decided to put Botox in her right elbow and thumb adductor.

I went in with her. They gave her Nitrous Oxide for the procedure (the lovely laughing gas, or should I call it crying gas for Violet!) She went well with her injections though and we now have wait to see if it will help her.

She also had a Hip X-ray done today and we will get these results at her follow-up appointment with Physical Disability Clinic to see how Botox has gone on 28th September.

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