Friday, 6 July 2007

Non Shunt Vomiting

On Tuesday, when Violet first got up in the morning, she had a vomit. She was also very sleepy, lethargic and we could hardly get her to respond to us. Alarm bells started ringing! She then had another vomit an hour later. I put her to bed and she woke up, about an hour into her sleep and vomited again.

We took her to emergency, where they monitored her for about 5 hours. While in emergency, she did pick up a lot and did not have anymore vomiting episodes. Paediatrician did Neuro-Assessment and she did okay with that. Had blood and urine tests, which both came back fine. They said she most likely has a virus.

As she was acting very strange in the morning with the vomiting, we did not want to take any chances as it was very out of character for her to be acting that way.