Friday, 11 May 2007

Moulding #2

Violet went really well with her moulding and EUA (Examination under anaesthetic) today.

With all her past anesthetics, she has been fine going in for them with the anesthetist and nurse, but this time she put up a fight, so I went in with her. The anesthetist said she has had too many now and knows exactly what is going to happen.

She had eye drops to dilate her pupils for the examination part of procedure. Even though she's had lots of these drops in the past, she still hates them! Her Opthamologist wanted to have a thorough examination of her micro and normal eye.

He did note that there was some dullness to a nerve at the rear of her normal eye, which he believes is in connection with her brain condition and he is not overly concerned about it, at this stage.

Scleral Shell fitting on 24th May. Shell's eye colour match paint on 7th June and should be ready to take home on the 28th June.

Follow up appointment with her Opthamologist on 12th October.