Monday, 26 February 2007

Physical Disability Clinic

Had an interesting appointment with the Physical Disability Clinic at the hospital today.

We have now been told that Violet's movement problems are also associated with Dystonia. Which is another movement control problem. It is caused by abnormal signals from particular areas of the brain to the muscles. They would like Violet to try a medication called L-Dopa (Madopar), this can sometimes help reduce the dystonia of the muscles. Possibly helping the relaxtion of the muscles and reduce spasticity.

We are still unsure if we want to resort to giving Violet the medication at this stage, as she is still very young and the side affects are enough to put you off!

They would also like her to have Botox Injections (Botulinum Toxin A), this would not start for another 6 months, as the waiting list is very long for this treatment. This is usually an effective treatment in which spasticity can be managed with a series of injections.

Nerves in the body, which would normally send messages to muscles to contract, absorb the toxin after it is injected near the nerve-muscle areas. Botulinum toxin A blocks the release of the chemical messenger responsible for muscle contraction. This can improve function of the muscle. The effect of the Botulinum toxin A is reversed naturally by the body over 3 to 6 months. The nerve then becomes active again and means that spasticity returns, and may require further treatment.

She also has an Orthotics appointment on 28th May to see if she will require a foot splint for her right foot.

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