Wednesday, 16 August 2006

Violet turns 1

Violet 1 today! She has had a tough first year and hope it only gets better for her from here.........She saw her Neurosurgeon yesterday and we don't have to see him again until January, all being well. He will organise for some Scans at that time, to see how it is going with the drainage of her excess CSF.

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jodyn hardson said...

hello. i have hydrocephalus as well. im 15 almost 16 years old. i am fortunate enough to be born healthy. i wanted to learn more about my shunt and hydrocephalus and i found this. your daughter is very pretty. My mom had me when she was 14 and she had type one diabetes and the doctors told her that i was going to be blind, deaf,and a vegetable and i was going to be ale to do family prayed and the only thing that is "different" about me is i was born with one kidney. i am very grateful.